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Hidden Biblical Gems of the Holy Land Part I


This strategic site of about is located in Northern Israel, in a strategic spot overlooking main ancient roads leading North to Lebanon, Damascus and the Phoenician coast.

It has left its mark on the pages of biblical history when it became the hiding place of Sheba, who led a rebellion against King David. Joab, Israel’s General, besieged the town and was preparing to topple the wall when a wise woman offered him Sheba’s head in exchange for the city’s safety (2 Samuel 20:14-22). 

In ancient Israel, this hill had a vital role in watching over the traffic that entered the nation from the north. As a result, it was often one of the first towns to suffer destruction, such as the one that occurred during the invasions of Ben-hadad of Aram and Tiglath-pileser of Assyria (1 Kings 15:20; 2 Kings 15:29). 

Excavations have shown that the site had been inhabited during the Bronze and Iron Ages  - 3500-2500 years ago, which include biblical times.

Map of Israel


Image of Abel-beth-ma’akha digging location

Location: Route 90 between Metulla and Route 99

Hours: unlimited


Mount Betarim (“Parts”)

The first covenant made by the Lord with Abraham was the “Covenant Between The Parts” ( Genesis 15). In this covenant, the destiny of the Jewish people was foretold: the Holy Land was bequeathed to them as their eternal heritage, but first they would have to experience exile and persecution.

According to a 500 years old Jewish tradition this important event took place on the Western spur of the Mount Hermon Ridge named Mount Dov.  

The Jews of Safed used to visit this peak once a year and read there the chapters of Genesis 12-17.

Map of israel


Digging location of Mount Betarim

Location: Route 999 Nort to Snir

Hours: unlimited

Note: Following the withdrawal of the IDF from Lebanon, Mount Dov became an area of despute between Israel and Lebanon. A visit to Mount Betarim requires an advance coordination with the IDF.